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Simplify Your URLs with Ease!

Discover a world of shorter and more memorable URLs with DESO.LY! Setting a new standard in URL shortening, DESO.LY offers a user-friendly interface and reliable services.

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DESO.LY allows you to shorten long and complex URLs within seconds. The user-friendly interface ensures a quick and seamless process.

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You have the option to customize the shortened URLs you create. Tailor your links to match your preferences, enhancing your brand representation.

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Prioritizing data security, DESO.LY ensures the safety of your shortened URLs, allowing you to use and share them without concerns.


With a mobile-responsive interface, DESO.LY offers accessibility anytime, anywhere, optimizing your user experience on mobile devices.

Free and Unlimited Usage

Enjoy the benefits of DESO.LY for free and shorten URLs as many times as you need.